Uusi automuseo Virossa

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Uusi automuseo Virossa

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Avattu uusi automuseo Virossa, mainospuheiden mukaan EU:n suurin itäautokokoelma esillä. Hyvä kesälomareissukohde. Alimmassa linkissä myös suomenkielinen esite (AM Flyer.pdf)

Dear Car Club member,

We have recently opened a new Car Museum in Estonia. The museum is unique because it has the largest collection of Soviet cars in the European Union. We have lot’s of distinctive western cars exhibited also. Lots of visitors can have the joy of recognition here and the rest can enjoy marks and makes of cars they have never seen before.
We are inviting Car Clubs in Finland to visit our museum. The museum is located by the E67- via Baltica road (103km from Tallinn). We can offer a guided tour in English, Finnish, Swedish and Russian languages by request.
The Halinga restaurant next to the museum is also at your service.

You can see the short overview of the museum in Google Drive: https://goo.gl/MOeWDe
Please find more information on our home site: http://www.automuuseum.ee
You are welcome to contact us via e-mail: info@automuuseum.ee
or by phone +372 52 37 908; +372 51 41 444

With best regards,

Gristo Jõesaar
Marketing manager
AM info flyer.pdf
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